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Waterborne limestone paint

Release time: 2017/6/3

Water-based limestone coating is a new type of high-end imitation stone coating for exterior wall. It is mainly used to replace a series of special stones with special irregular markings such as natural limestone, limestone and German beige. The decorative effect of this product is elegant and expressive. It is a preferred façade decoration product for French architecture.

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Compared with the previous products such as real stone paint and texture paint, water-based limestone paint has strong technical requirements for its construction process. At present, it is rare for a decorative engineering company that can fully grasp the technical points of applying limestone paint in China. The company has truly achieved the perfect combination of three-point materials and seven-point process.

Product Features:

1 Realistic effect The color, vision, texture and feel of natural German limestone are fully achieved, and the simulation is extremely high.

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2 Light weight The weight is extremely light, without the heavy weight of natural limestone, which eliminates the safety hazard of natural stone falling off and accelerates the construction period.

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3Environmental protection and energy saving The product is a pure water-based formula that meets the national environmental protection standards, and the VOC content is extremely low, which can be neglected in outdoor construction.

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4 low cost Compared with traditional stone, its price is very low, cost-effective.

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5 long life The imitation limestone coating has high weather resistance and scrub resistance. It is also resistant to freezing, water, stains and mildew, and has a service life of more than 15 years.
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