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About us

Ningbo Yuqing Building Materials Co., Ltd. is a main new materials paint industry (water-based marble paint, water bag water granite paint, thin body insulation materials, sandstone paint, water-based stone paint, water-based wood paint, really stone paint, paint, etc.) , Skilled in the internal and external walls of the construction works of engineering companies.

The company has always been adhering to the "high-quality materials as the basis, with advanced technology as the core, to fine works as the goal, customer satisfaction for the purpose of" business philosophy, advanced technology, management practices, fine construction, service in place is our inherent advantages. Since the early 90s, the company's core team diligent and practical, innovative, with more than 20 years as one day adhere to, along with the team continue to grow and grow, sincere cooperation, surmount, together created today's Yuqing.

 "Good material is not equal to good engineering, only professional and exquisite construction technology and standardize the efficient on-site management, in order to maximize the advantages and characteristics of the material." Today, the company already has a sound engineering management processes, advanced construction technology, efficient construction team and mature technology products, especially in a variety of imitation stone coating modulation and construction, through advanced technology, the appearance of decorative effect Is perfect, no less than marble and granite dry hanging, high-grade stone and other decorative materials. At the same time have a dignified appearance, light weight, low cost, high safety factor, good insulation and many other advantages, while promoting energy conservation and environmental protection, but also very good to meet the modern architectural style of individual needs.

The company team has a wealth of experience and good market reputation, has worked with Longhu real estate, Vanke real estate, Greentown real estate, green real estate, Poly Real Estate, China Shipping real estate, China Resources Real Estate, Suzhou high-tech real estate and other well-known real estate enterprises to complete a number of large projects Project, project quality and construction capacity has been a large number of cooperative enterprises and customers a high degree of recognition.

Companies based on long-term and sustainable development, by virtue of perseverance and the spirit of innovation, through practical and feasible work program and development planning, and continuously improve the company's operational capacity, towards a more brilliant goal. Ningbo Yuqing Building Materials Co., Ltd. sincerely look forward to your joining and cooperation, with your support, we will do better.

Yuqing building materials, trustworthy!


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